Jordan Taylor - CrossFit Coach

Originally from Eastern Washington, Jordan has been part of the Rocket family almost since the beginning of Rocket, when his sister brought him in. At the time, he was a skinny kid, studying musical theater and "just" working out. But the same star quality that will someday win him a Tony (and we will be front row, center) made it clear that he'd be a great coach. If you hear one of us accidentally call him "Drama," that's an old nickname, not an adjective.

Jordan is an exceptional athlete, to be sure. A star of the stage, no doubt. He's also very proud of his Samoan heritage, and loves his huge family fiercely. 

And since we're waiting for him to send us an actual bio, we'll just tell you that we love the hell out of him. Alyssa has been known to call him her "fake son," but we all love him with a very real ferocity, having seen him grow, change, tackle all sorts of challenges and rise to the ocassions of his life like the star that he is, and will be.