Matt McCloskey - CrossFit Coach

Originally from East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Matt grew up on Bainbridge Island since he was 8 years old. The youngest of 7 children, he has fifteen nieces and nephews all under the age of 14, who are one - or 15 - of his favorite things in life.  


Matt knew how to do anything with a ball before he knew how to walk.  He played basketball, football and baseball starting at 5 or 6 years old, in middle school he picked up lacrosse. Though he was varsity in all 4 sports in high school, injuries kept him from continuing on to a  football and basketball career. It did, however, give him a great perspective on how and when to listen to your body, because injury changes everything.


A series of unfortunate events caused him to take some time off from sports, and his fitness suffered.  He got to the point where he could no longer live the active life he once enjoyed, and something had to change. Matt walked into a CrossFit gym in 2012, during a very difficult time in his  life. He was hooked. He never wanted to stop, and found himself driven to help others, which led him  to become  a coach. 

Matt is personally pursuing his love of Olympic Weightlifting. He also loves personal training, so if you're looking for one-on-one coaching for anything from gymnastics to lifting to competitive CrossFit, he's ready to help you out. 


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