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Naomi started CrossFit in January 2010 shortly after moving to Santa Barbara and she hated it. Her first workout included wall balls which made her cry. For some reason, though, she kept going back. Fast forward three months, with the Kool-Aid flowing through her veins, she couldn’t get enough of it! She found that CrossFit filled the void of hard work and challenging her body that she missed from being competitive gymnast (in both club and school settings) for 12 years.


Her experience as a gymnast has provided a strong foundation for proper movement, which has translated into safely and knowledgeably instructing clients and knowing what to look for in clients of all abilities, ages, and sizes. During her career, she also coached (recreational and competitive) gymnastics to girls aged 4-15 in both the club and public school setting in Federal Way. Growing up, Naomi had a dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. However, it was through CrossFit that she realized that it was not in the classroom that she wanted to teach, but in the gym. By educating adults and children in a fitness setting, she is able to make a bigger impact on the lives of others. Naomi’s mission is to do more than help people work on their physical body; she wants to help them gain strength and approach life with the mindset that they can accomplish goals and overcome hurdles that may come their way. She is super stoked to bring her magic back to Seattle and to be part of the awesome Rocket community!


Naomi also enjoys personal training because it gives her the opportunity to provide the one-on-one focus and attention that some people enjoy and prefer, and may or may not break out into song and dance to distract you during rowing. She also loves Oly lifting and powerlifting, so hit her up to pick up heavy things and put them back down! Safely, of course…


(She still hates wall balls.)


Credentials: CrossFit Level 1 (2012) & Level 2 (2016), CrossFit Kids Trainer (2015), CrossFit Mobility Trainer (2014), USA Weightlifting Level 1 (2014), NASM Youth Exercise Specialist (2015), Former CF affiliate owner (2015-2018)

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