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* Morning and evening classes, in the gym

* 24/7 Access to the gym

$200 / month unlimited classes 

$175 / month for family members billed together

Personal Training

All of our coaches love Personal Training. Whether you want general fitness, training for a sport, or just to master a gymnastics or Weightlifting  skill, we've got a trainer for you. 

You'll work with your trainer to develop a custom plan that can be done both in-gym and remotely. 



OPEN TO ALL! No experience & no membership required!​


  • 60 min creative movement group exercise classes - old school adaptable cardio moves + flexibility/strength & stretch.

  • Kick-ass rebellious music playlists in the SPIRIT of PUNK ROCK – CLASSIC hip hop, heavy metal, soul, punk rock, plus funny throw backs & weird stuff

  • Rockin’ safe space for fitness misfits and marginalized bodies

Third Sundays of the month at 10:00  

$10 drop-in for non-members

Mobility Flow with Tori

Tori takes mobility very seriously, but in a fun way. In this class, they lead you through a carefully designed mobility series that is relaxing for your soul, but pushes your joints, muscles and tendons to relax a little more than they would if you didn't make them do it. It's not yoga, the focus isn't building strength, it's building mobility in a safe way while you actually learn something about how your body works, that you can work on even without Tori. 

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