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Tori (They / Them) - / Mobility Personal Training / Adaptive Training

Tori, AKA Dr. Spacetiger, started their fitness journey in 2014 - having discovered an aerial gym completely by accident. They fell in love with the power of movement almost immediately and worked tirelessly to learn as much about the circus world as possible. Tori started performing professionally as an aerialist/clown in 2017 and even won bronze a medal at the Aerialympics a couple of years later. Determined to improve their strength and form, they started cross-training in weightlifting and working with one of the strength and conditioning coaches for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Training with their own coaches and seeing firsthand how much of a positive impact it had inspired Tori to pursue their own NASM personal training certification. Later, after sustaining a number of injuries through performing – even losing the ability to walk unassisted for months – they went on to pursue adaptive training certifications in order to make their coaching more accessible.  

Being a queer non-binary individual, Tori coaches from a unique perspective and has an empathetic approach to training those who might not always feel seen as well as those with injuries/illnesses both visible and invisible.

They are especially passionate about helping people move and feel better in their bodies, addressing muscular imbalances through appropriate progressions, and making movement enjoyable – they are a clown after all!

CERTS: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Movement Rx Advanced Adaptive Trainer, FiTour Myofascial Release Foam Roller, CPR/AED, and more