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Alyssa's Public Speaking & Related Writing

This isn't a lark. Alyssa has been a dynamic public speaker for years, even longer than she's been writing about tough social issues.  While speaking and writing about fitness is arguably newer, in the past 8 years, she's been speaking and writing about empowerment, body shame, consent, joy and agency forever. 


Here are a few highlights, but feel free to get in touch to talk more about her speaking experience, and having her come speak to your group. 



TEDx Seattle

These ideas about the spectrum of human sexuality and the pain of sexual shame still informs all of Alyssa's work, even though now she works in fitness, not human sexuality. 


Slut Walk

Alyssa took to the stage in front of thousands of people to discuss surviving  her own violent rape, and how society has to learn not to blame the victim. And maybe stripped a little, to make a point.


Don't Be An A**hole

Alyssa is proud to be touring the country as part of the Out Foundation's Don't Be An Asshole tour on trans inclusion in fitness spaces.


Girls Gone WOD

This super fun chat talked about the power of CrossFit to save the world , the secret back story behind trans inclusion and "that tweet," and how to make CrossFit welcoming to any body.


BarBend Podcast

with David Tao

 In this recording, Alyssa gives her perspective on the responsibilities of multiple stakeholders in strength — from business owners and brands to athletes, coaches, and fans following along at home. We should say it’s a deep conversation that focuses on subjects that could be sensitive to some listeners.


Girls Gone WOD

Lotsa laughter in this "deep convos" chat while we were in Whistler. We discuss the nature of goals, drive, consumerism and why ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Open Gym.JPG

Morning Chalk Up / Open Gym

Alyssa Royse has long been a voice for greater diversity within the CrossFit community. In this conversation, she tells us how Rocket CrossFit is striving to be an example of exactly what that looks like.


Iron Movement

Alyssa chats with RDN Kat Benson and Coach Christina Spencer about Greg Glassman's response to COVID-19, Fat Shaming, Social determinants of health and generally how (and why) it matters for the sake of business and human decency not to be an asshole in the face of a pandemic.  This episode is discussed in this Slate article about the larger issues with CrossFit's response, and it's worth reading the whole article. 

Best Hour.jpg

Best Hour Of Their Day with Jason Ackerman

In the wake of everything that happened after Greg Glassman wrote Alyssa that email, Jason and Alyssa do a deep-dive into what CrossFit has been, can be and what it might take for it to survive - as well as some behind the scenes stuff with Alyssa's previous relationship with HQ. 


Iron Movement

Do we need to accept reality in order to be our happiest? Is it even possible to create a space where everyone is welcome? 

Power Monkey podcast.jpg

Iron Monkey Podcast with Dave Durante and Chad Vaughan

Alyssa chats with Dave and Chad (seriously, nicest dudes in the world) about why Inclusivity matters in sport, fitness and CrossFit. How can we, as coaches, be present, inclusive, accountably and evolve, for everyone's sake? 

WRITING.. this is a small sample of relevant published writing...

Morning Chalk Up: Why Are You Still Using "RX?"  RX is useful in competition, but not for training, and certainly not for building community. 

Morning Chalk Up: No Shirt, No Problem!  Your body, your choice, but at it's root, "modesty culture" is rooted in shame and control, which has no place at Rocket. Not to mention that no one is responsible for your thoughts or actions but you!

Glamour Magazine: Is It Time To Call B.S. On Body Positivity? You don't have to love your body in order to accept it. 

ESPN: Life Lessons on the Lifting Platform Watching my train and compete at elite levels shows me  that she's got the skills necessary for life, regardless  of what happens on the platform. 

The Guardian: We Banned Bigots From Our GymWhen we posted a sign saying that bigotry was banned, we learned some surprise lessons about ourselves. 

The CrossFit Journal: Welcoming or Winnowing?   We all say that we're all about community, but sometimes the images and languages of gyms exclude more people than we think. (Also, Alyssa outright warned everyone that the future of CrossFit is on the couch, BEFORE "the couch" started popping up. Coincidence?)

Scary Mommy: This Gym Owner Is The Body-Positive Fitness Guru We All Need This is not BY Alyssa, but it is ABOUT Alyssa and Rocket, so it seems relevant. 

Seattle's Child: Positive Resolutions About Fitness For Kids How we approach fitness with kids will shape their relationship with their body for their whole lives. Do it carefully!

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