You betcha! We will ask you to verify that you are fully vaccinated in order to workout without a mask. But we love drop-ins and are so glad they're back! and we'll get you set up. 
Sure, here's how..........

FUNfit Drop-Ins - $30

* If you have experience, that is.

FUNfit is a high intensity functional fitness class that uses Barbell, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and gymnastics.

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Punk Rocket Aerobics - $10

Open to any body and every body. No experience required. 45 minute, high intensity dancey aerobics with an attitude.

Looking for a new gym to join? 


Send us an email at and we'll get you set up. Come in for a free class or two, learn about us, and you're in like Flynn. Whoever Flynn is, we don't know, but presumably they were "in."