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Follow the links below to sign up, or email and we'll get you set up. 
Sure, here's how..........

FUNfit Drop-Ins - $30

IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE with barbells, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebells, just pick a class. If not, EMAIL US and we'll find one that works with your experience level. 

FUNfit is a high intensity functional fitness class.

Check out the upcoming workouts and find one that fits

your mood and experience !


Yoga Drop-Ins - $15
Wed. 7:30 pm & Sat. 11:00 am

Wednesday nights, come loosen those tight muscles and relieve stress. This class combines slow movements with breathing techniques that’ll restore your body and mind. All experience levels are welcome for this midweek reset!

Saturday yoga tends to be more about power and invigoration, bringing some playful intensity, to start your weekend off with focus and intention.


Olympic Lifting Drop-Ins - $15
Sundays at 10:00am

This 60-minute class is nothing but Oly. Well, and the accessory work required to make you better at Oly. We focus either on the Snatch or the Clean & Jerk each week. You don't need to be great at Oly, or even good, but you do need some familiarity with the lifts, and the desire to get better at them. 


Kettlebell Fitness Drop-Ins - $15
Saturdays at Noon

This 60-minute class is nothing but kettlebells. Of course, we all know that all you really need is kettlebells to get a killer, full-body workout. In this class, we focus on the Russian (bent-arm) style of swings. Though everything is, of course, modifiable for the needs of your body. 

Looking for a new gym to join? 


Send us an email at and we'll get you set up. Come in for a free class or two, learn about us, and you're in like Flynn. Whoever Flynn is, we don't know, but presumably they were "in."


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