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Blast off is 4 classes designed for beginners, to teach you the safe fundamentals of what we do in a small class, with other people who are just starting out. Blast Off meets T / Th at 7:30 pm for the first 2 weeks of the month. Then you have unlimited classes for the rest of the month before you decide you're, obviously, gonna join. And you can do yoga & kettlebell classes the whole time! $225, just like monthly membership.



Monthly Membership

If you feel ready to jump right in, GO FOR IT!

Unlimited Membership: $225 / month
* All our group classes

* 24/7 gym access

* App to track your progress
Family: $200 / Month each person. Email for family rate.

3-month pre-paid: $550
* New members only
* Not refundable, use it or lose it.
* Automatically converts to regular membership after 3 months unless you cancel.

email for a family rate.


Private Blast Off

Some people want to start slowly, which we love, because we love coaching mechanics! You can do a 3-session Blast Off with one of our trainers to slowly go over all the things we do here at Rocket, while ramping up your activity, on your schedule!

Private Blast Off: 
* 3 private training sessions
* 2 weeks unlimited membership
* Peace of mind!

$300 for one person
$250 each for 2-4 people

Single Lifting or skill refresh sesh:

* Refresh form and mechanics
* Learn the basics of Oly Lifting 
$85 for a single  session.


Drop In Classes

We have a variety of Drop-In classes. 

Regular FUNctional FITness classes, as well as yoga, kettlebell fitness and Olympic Weightlifting. 

If you're in town for a while and have special needs, email us, we'll always TRY to help you our as best as a small, busy gym can! 

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