Unlimited Membership

Unlimited Membership: $200 / month
* In person classes

* 24/7 gym access

* Zoom Classes

*Recorded classes to do whenever you want

* Multiple programmed workouts you can choose from

* App to track your progress

Family: $175 / Month each person

email for a family rate.

Skip Blast Off & Get Started

We require Blast Off for people with no real athletic experience. But we also know that some of you have all sorts of experience. If you believe you have enough background to safely get going, email us, we'll chat and figure it out. 

Blast Off!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Beginner classes start the first Tuesday of every month. Classes are at 7:30 PM,  for 3 weeks. Then you have the rest of that month, and the entire next month, of unlimited in-person and online classes. 

Blast Off is T & Th, at 7:30 PM.

*For NEW people ONLY. If you've done Blast Off before,  you can just join again.


Online Only

We understand that some people aren't comfortable in a group setting, no matter what. So fear not, we're building our awesome Rocket community online! 

Several classes a day, designed to be done at home with little or no equipment. You get a coach and a live community, just like you'd have in our gym! We also have a livestream of all of our gym classes, if you have a sweet home-gym set up.

Learn more about our online offerings.


Private Blast Off

If our Blast Off schedule doesn't work for you, you can do 3 private sessions, plus two weeks of membership.

Contact us and we'll set you up. 



Drop In

We love visitors!  BUT.... with limited class size during COVID, we're not doing drop-ins, generally. 

IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE and need a new gym, or..... email us and we'll see if we can figure something out. 

IF YOU DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE and want to start, join a Blast Off class.