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Download these documents to learn all the nitty-gritties on policies, procedures and pontifications about Rocket. They're important, that's why we bothered to write them.  

These are shared publicly because other gyms are always asking about them, and we believe in freely helping others out. But don't be the a**shole who uses them as a basis for a hustle in which you edit and sell them to other gyms. (Ya, someone did that, and was so excited to tell us that. Like, what?)


NOTE: Our phone numbers have been redacted from this publicly-posted file, but they are all over the gym, and you know how to reach us. 

Membership Manual

All the rules, expectations, procedures and everything else for Rocket members. 

Blast Off Basics

What to expect, including the workouts, for those doing Blast Off! 


Like it says, waivers. 

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