We are always looking for great coaches who share our mission of creating a more inclusive and diverse fitness community. We're an ever-evolving work-in-progress. Where and how we grow is dictated by our community, both members and staff. So if you're a great fit for either an open job, or just have a new idea you'd like to work on with us, get in touch. 


We are actively seeking, and will prioritize, applicants who represent diversity. BIPOC, LGBTQIA, HAES, Adaptive....  That's not to say that you have to "check a box" to be a coach here, but we are actively seeking and prioritizing people who help advance diversification of ideas around fitness. 



Although we have broken with CrossFit as a brand, our classes are very rooted in a wide variety of functional fitness modalities. We routinely use kettlebells, dumbbells, power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, and endurance. All of our classes are fully coached, and tailored to everyone in it. We have a "Rocket" way of doing things, which we will teach you. 


  • Understanding of and experience coaching all of the above stated modalities.

  • Must have relevant, nationally recognized coaching credentials, for insurance reasons. That could be CrossFit, USAW, NASM, ACE, OPEX, CPT or the like. For coaching group classes with HIIT and Weightlifting, we can't accept yoga & Pilates trainer certs. 

  • Proficient in coaching the Oly lifts. If not, we can train you to do that and arrange our programming accordingly. 

  • Must be willing to follow and explain our programming. For group classes, that means coaching the moves in the beginning of each class, and then actively engaging with members during the workouts. 


  • Must share our vision of inclusivity in fitness, and be open to learning how we do it at Rocket. How to coach a class without using gender. How to incorporate consent into coaching cues. Why we don't use RX weights. Etc.... Be open to learning on the fly, because as well-intentioned as we all may be, sometimes we only learn by messing up, the important part is the learning. 

  • Must be comfortable modifying any workout to any body. That often includes switching out moves altogether, or just knowing a safer progression to work around injuries. 


  • Competitive hourly rate

  • Unlimited access for yourself to the gym and classes

  • Use the gym for your personal training clients (You keep 70%)

  • Create specialty workshops (You keep 70%)

  • Paid vacation time

  • Continuing Education budget


We have a funky loft space in our gym, where we have historically held 6-person classes while a fitness class happens below. That means it is noisy, and sweaty, and most of the class members have just come up after doing it...


  • Must be certified by a nationally-recognized certifying body. 

  • Preferably experience teaching yoga classes as the lead teacher. We're not opposed to being your first experience, but we'd want to see other teaching / coaching experience to know you can lead a class effectively.

  • Absolutely must be comfortable with and fluent in body-positive, inclusive, gender-free language. We're happy to help you sort out what this looks like in practice, but if we have to convince you that it matters, we're not a good fit right now. 


We're always looking for folks who can use our gym in the "off" hours to train their personal clients, or run specialty classes. If you need a place to do that, let us know. 


      Please send an email to and include the following:

  • Resume with education, certifications, experience and references that we can check

  • A letter that tells us why Rocket feels like the right fit for you, how you see yourself adding to inclusivity and diversity in the fitness community. If there are any specific things that excite you and you'd like to try in the future, let us know. Sharing our dreams is the only way to make our dreams come true!