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Azur - CrossFit Trainer

A lifelong resident of the Pacific NW, Azur has spent much of his life working and playing outside. Healing from a major knee injury sustained while playing competitive Ultimate frisbee, led him to study movement and the philosophy of movement through yoga and massage. Ten years later he is still passionately intrigued by the complexity of the mind/body connections, different styles of learning, the pursuit of health, and the facilitation of positive change through physical practices. He graduated from Brian Utting school of massage in 2004, completed the personal trainer and yoga certification at Vera Whole Health in 2010 and then, the 2 year teacher training in Anusara influenced yoga at Seattle Yoga Arts. His classes reflect his love of anatomy, the alignment of form and function, the complexity of balance, and a combination of strength and relaxation. Azur uses yoga as a great compliment to your crossfit training.


Although he joined Rocket as a yoga instructor, he quickly fell in love with both CrossFit and Weightlifting, and is now an old-timer at Rocket. His mastery of mechanics from both yoga and massage makes him a wise Yoda type CrossFit instructor, and he's always quick with a smile. 

CERTS: CrossFit Level 1, LMP, Certified Yoga Instructor

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