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Got something to tell us? 

An idea for something new? Did we miss the mark, and you want us to know, but want it anonymous? Issue with a coach or community member? What can we be doing better? 

We always want to hear from you. We can't always do everything that everyone wants (really, we'd like a sauna and hot tub at the gym too, but where would it go?)  But if there's something going on that is creating a negative environment for you, we want to know, truly. We care, and if there's something we can do to fix it, we will. If you don't feel comfortable telling us, you can use this form to let us know.
We care, we'll do anything we can to be as positive a place as possible for as many people as possible.
(If you don't want to be anonymous, you can add your name and email in the body, or just email us at

Thanks for submitting!

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