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Leah Schlegel - Yoga

Leah describes herself as a life enthusiast - drawn to new experiences and a deep love for growing community.

Born and raised in Washington, she is grateful to call this beautiful place home. Movement and dance have always been interwoven into her relationship with her body. But it was once she deepened into her yoga practice in 2014 that she started to notice how it had a way of metabolizing energies that felt otherwise stuck. She's in awe of the intelligence in the body and breath.

She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sangha Yoga School in the winter of 2021, and considers herself a life-long student. She is a mosaic of all of her teachers, and honors these ancient practices as a guide.

Her practice is inspired by Ayurveda, restorative postures, and a trauma-informed lens. As a teacher, she's looking to create a container of community. A space where each student can show-up just as you are, feeling seen and welcome, in all your messy, beautiful, truth. We will take things slow, matching breath to movement, bringing in joy and sensation - ending with a luscious and lengthy Savasana. In her class, we will work with the same sequence throughout the month to see how you can deepen into the shapes to suit your body, your needs. She looks forward to sharing practice with you!

Outside of the gym, you can find Leah playing her little ukulele or strolling down by the lake. She thinks life is best topped off with a hot cup o' coffee and a good belly laugh. 

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