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Stacey (She / Her) - FUNfit/ Personal Training

Stacey Sorgen is originally from Chicago, went to college in SoCal, but found a home in Seattle. She's been a personal trainer since 2010, an Integrative Wellness Coach since 2012, an RYT200 Yoga teacher since 2015, and has taught spin and group classes since 2014. She calls herself "a weirdo," but, really, aren't we all? (Yes, yes we are, and that's what makes life fun.) 


Proudly queer and married for 10 years, she says "my wife is the best human I’ve ever met in my entire life." She has a genuinely positive outlook on life, with which she manages to hold the duality of also being human and experiencing loss and struggle. She's really strong, balanced, and healthy AND knows what it's like to navigate the world in a larger body. She's forging the way for herself and others, slowly redefining what it means, truly means, to move and to have grace and acceptance and appreciation for our current bodies. While also holding dualities that we can appreciate and accept our bodies AND want to have balance, power, strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, stamina - so we can dive into the adventures and general badassery of life. She proudly supports all people, in all bodies, in all movements, and fully recognizes that YOU are the foremost authority on your body and how it feels to live within. She loves the challenge of adapting movements to best suit your needs - and finds joy in providing tons of options.


That said, her paramount concerns are your safety, your comfort and fun, and a workout’s efficacy. Also, awkward dance breaks. Her goal is simple, she wants the hour you spend with her to be the best part of your day - a proactive, badass, tried and true way to connect your mind and body - before you go change the world. Nice to meet you!

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