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Zak Endicott (He / Him) - / Yoga

Zak has been teaching yoga in Seattle for the last ten years and has specialized in a few styles and traditions, and teaching to a wide range of audience and experience levels. Today he's most excited to be teaching Forrest style yoga, created by his teacher Ana Forrest which is a broad compilation of healing yoga practices intended to serve the present day needs of our people. Classes will feature longer holds sometimes, and unique and creative sequences every single time for the purpose of working new intentions for your body and mind! The classes are intended for all levels of yogis and athletes you will hopefully walk away with both something therapeutic that serves you well, as well as a new challenging posture perhaps to practice towards.


Zak is super excited to be teaching more public classes again after pandemic and a break to start his career with the Seattle Fire Department, where he's on a crew with Brady, serving Rocket's own neighborhood.

When he's not teaching yoga or doing the firefighter thing, he's currently obsessed with Hot Springing and trying to soak in all the gorgeous geothermal waters in the world. He's also passionate about indoor bouldering, skiing and hiking / backpacking. 

Zak identifies as gay cis man. He used to dance at R place, attended his first pride at 18 and is so grateful for this city and the compassionate space it has provided for him to grow and become successful and to express himself freely. He loves to remember spending nights out on the streets with the queer community as a young guy and my how things have changed! He loves to see his community safe and vibrant! 

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