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Your workshop was freakin’ awesome. I don’t have a lot of patience for sitting in class, but you kept me spellbound for the whole day!


– Andrew H.


More about Alyssa's public speaking and published writing can be found here.

Inclusive coaching isn’t about proper technique, it’s about creating a space in which all people feel safe and welcome. It’s an invitation.

In this one-day workshop on inclusive coaching with Alyssa Royse, we’ll look at how everything from language to programming impacts how people feel about working with you. Are you inviting and empowering, or are you, well, not?  We’ll even answer the age-old question “do kettlebells really have a gender?” (Spoiler alert: they don’t.)

WHO: Alyssa Royse is co-owner of Rocket CrossFit, along with her husband Brady. For 8 years, they’ve been running a wildly inclusive, and occasionally irreverent, fitness community based on the idea that fitness is for every body. Rocket was on the forefront of fighting for trans inclusion in the CrossFit Games, and is a justice-focused business. A popular writer and speaker, Alyssa is part of the Out Foundation’s panel on the “Don’t Be an Asshole” speaking tour, educating people about trans inclusion. For more, like WAY more, about Alyssa's writing and speaking, check out this page with videos, podcasts and some of her favorite published writing related to fitness.

WHY: Because even the most well-intentioned amongst us have gotten used to thinking about fitness in a way that can alienate people. We don’t mean to, but something as simple as “okay ladies and gentlemen” can leave out people who don’t identify on the binary. Or a statement like “let’s earn that ice cream” can trigger someone with an eating disorder. So we need tools to think about new ways to talk about fitness that will include everyone, and still have a great sense of humor.

WHAT: This one-day workshop is designed to help coaches clarify their mission, and learn how that mission will shape their coaching in the real world. Being inclusive doesn’t mean being humorless or uptight. Far from it. When people feel safe, and everyone can let their proverbial hair down, it can be SO MUCH MORE FUN. We will focus on things like gender, age, size, and fitness level.

HOW: This workshop will involve much laughter, many jokes, plenty of games, and yes, a few gasping “ah ha” moments. Potentially even  a tear or two. Just like a good workout, it’ll be challenging, engaging, a little hard, and ultimately make us stronger, better, and ready to do it again.

New Orleans: March 7, 2020.  BOOK NOW!

Junction City, Kansas: April 4, 2020.  BOOK NOW!

Columbia, Missouri: April 5, 2020.  BOOK NOW!
Raleigh, North Carolina:
April 11, 2020. BOOK NOW!

Chicago, Illinois: May 2, 2020.  BOOK NOW!

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