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CrossFit Games 2019: Well, That was Fun!

We had an amazing time at the CrossFit Games in Madison. (I mean, duh. As usual.) But this year was very special, for reasons that will be abundantly clear soon.

A quick back-up though..... We were proud to stand alongside Greg Glassman last year at the Games when he announced that CrossFit was lifting their (archaic) ban on trans athletes competing. That kicked off a wonderful relationship between CrossFit and OutWOD, a bridge we were really honored to be able to bridge.

Which led us to this year, when OutWOD was AT THE GAMES. We were able to do our Don't Be An Asshole talk, about trans inclusion onsite. As well as host THREE consecutive OutWOD workouts, right there in the main square, under the jumbotron. (Um, that was HOT HOT HOT.) We'll be talking more about this - and the whole story that led to that moment - on an upcoming episode of Girls Gone WOD, but in the meantime, here's a little video recap. We've done a lot of things we're proud of, but putting the "gay" in the Games is gonna be near the top of the list, pretty much forever.

(Also, no, there's nothing we can do to stop Alyssa from dancing. Or singing.)


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