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Online classes at Rocket, in cyber space!

Since COVID isn't going away anytime soon, we're building a great program of online classes to get you the workout you need with the community you crave. We know that what has always made Rocket special is the coaching and community of people who care about you and are excited to see you. That's what you'll get in our online classes - it's a community, not an app. 

We're very excited to have teamed up with 5 other gyms (so far) to offer all of our online classes to each other's communities. You can check out all the offerings here, and when you join Rocket online, your member app will have direct links to all the online classes of all the gyms. 

Our online-only membership gets you unlimited online classes, as well as an app that has recorded Rocket workouts for you to do at home, whenever you want. 

$100 a month / unlimited online classes

Partially loaded

This is an at-home workout with Jen is a version of our in-gym workout of the day. It is modified to be done at home with basic equipment that many people have at home, though can be done unloaded just as easily. 

M, T, TH at 9:30 am


This class is designed to be done without equipment, but you can easily add it. It is intended as a stand-alone workout for your whole body, using a variety of modalities that you might find in a functional fitness gym: AMRAP, EMOM, RFT. 

M, T, W, Th, F at 4:30 pm

Mondays with Vanessa
T - F with Jordan

Taught by yoga-instructors who are also CrossFitting weightlifters, this class is aimed at  balance, core and rotational strength, with extensive mobility. But don't be fooled, it's sweaty and hard!

W & F at 9:30 am

Jen & Azur  split this one on the fly



Sweat & flow

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